Carpet Removal & Disposal In Stockton


Carpet Removal & Disposal In Stockton

Our Carpet Removal Services

Whether you’re replacing your old carpet or simply removing your old carpet to make way for tile or hardwood floors, carpet removal creates a large amount of carpet that needs to be disposed of. Fortunately, our team of expert junk removal specialists can help with every step of the process. Our experts can remove the old carpet from your home or business very affordably and we’ll haul it away so you never have to see it again.

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Carpet Disposal Vs Recycling

When we remove the carpets from your home or business, we evaluate the condition of your carpets to determine whether or not they should be recycled or disposed of. Not every municipality allows carpets to be sent to the landfill because carpets are made from plastics and other fibers that may not break down or be eco-friendly. You can rest assured that our team always prioritizes recycling above sending things to the landfill so we will always make the effort to recycle as much as we possibly can.

How Do You Remove Carpet?

Our team can remove the carpets from your home or office quickly and affordably. To remove the carpet we simply unstick the carpet from the tack strip, roll it up, load it into our trucks, and then when it’s all gone, we go around the edge of your rooms and remove the tack strips. Once we’ve removed the carpet, we will also dispose of it so that you don’t have to worry about renting dumpsters that take up your driveway space. 

Can You Throw Carpet Into The Dumpster?

Some municipalities will allow you to throw carpet into the dumpster. However, this is not always allowed and it depends on the amount of carpet you were throwing away. Additionally, when you throw your carpet into the dumpster this is a less eco-friendly option. Since carpeting is often made from plastic and other complex fibers that are not biodegradable, your carpets will end up in the landfill where they can take hundreds of years to break down.

Can You Recycle Carpet?

Absolutely! Most carpets are recyclable and some can’t even be reused depending on the condition of the carpeting. We always take the extra step to recycle your carpeting because our mission is to be as eco-friendly as possible and reduce waste that ends up in the landfill. When you hire us to remove your carpets, we will always recycle them or donate them if they’re in good condition. 

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When it comes to junk removal in Stockton, whether carpet or any other household item, there’s nobody better than All Junk Removal Stockton! Our experts have over a decade of experience in junk removal, we always go the extra mile to recycle or reuse anything that we pick up, and we make it a priority to do things as eco-friendly as possible. Give us a call today for a free, upfront price with no hidden fees. 

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