Grill & BBQ Removal & Recycling In Stockton


Grill & BBQ Removal & Recycling In Stockton

Our BBQ Grill Removal Services

Do you have an old grill that you want to get rid of? Call the experts at All Junk Removal Stockton for fast and easy pickup. Our team will pick up your grill quickly, we will recycle as much as the grill as possible, donate it if it’s still in working order, and dispose of any elements that can’t be recycled for you. Our team of junk removal experts is just a phone call away and we can pick up your grill today.

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How To Prepare My Grill For Pickup

When it comes to preparing your grill for our team, there’s not much you need to do. But there is one critical step that cannot be missed: removing your propane tank. Other than that, our team will remove the grill from wherever you have it stored and safely recycle, donate, or dispose of it for you.

Grill Removal FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we here when it comes to removing gas and propane grills.

If your grill is in working order and doesn’t require any repairs, then it’s not a bad idea to consider donating it.  You can call your local Salvation Army or Goodwill to see if they will accept the grill from you. If not you may want to consider talking to your neighbors and friends to see if they would be interested or even posting it on Craigslist as a free item.  If you are Grill is not in working order, the best action is to call our junk removal service so we can safely dispose of it for you.

You can either return your old propane tank to the store that you bought it from or take it to a recycling center. Some recycling centers will accept old propane and gas tanks from grills but you should call ahead to make sure before driving down there.

Yes, you can absolutely dispose of your grill on your own. However disposing of your grill will require you to remove the propane tank, load the grill into your truck or trailer, and drive it to the recycling center yourself. Oftentimes homeowners find that this just isn’t worth the hassle so they simply give us a call because our grill removal service is much cheaper and doesn’t require any of your labor or time.

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For fast, safe, and affordable grill removal in Stockton, pick up the phone and call All Junk Removal Stockton! Our experts will schedule a grill pick-up at a time that works for you, we offer upfront pricing with no hidden charges and handle all of the heavy lifting. For a free quote, give us a call now. 

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