Piano Removal In Stockton, CA


Piano Removal In Stockton, CA

Our Piano Removal Services

Pianos are heavy and hard to get rid of on your own. They’re large, awkward, heavy, and the normal trash company won’t take them. So what can you do when your old piano is no longer in use? Call All Junk Removal Stockton for fast and affordable piano removal. Our team will come by to remove your piano safely without damaging your walls or property. 

For fast and affordable piano removal, call All Junk Removal Stockton: 

Easy Piano Disposal 

Because pianos vary in size, type, and weight, there are some types of pianos we’re not able to take. Our team will take a look at your piano to determine if we’re able to remove it for you or, what your options are for disposal.

Broken Piano Disposal 

Unfortunately, you can’t toss your old broken piano into the trash. They’re big, heavy, and they don’t easily biodegrade in landfills. You have a few ways to get rid of your broken piano including: 

  1. Donation – you can call the local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or one of the local music shops to see if they can make use of your old piano. 
  2. Call the local trash company – it’s worth checking with your local Waste Management company to see if they can pick up the piano and dispose of it for you. 
  3. Call All Junk Removal Stockton and we’ll remove the piano and dispose of it for you. 

It takes more than one person to move a piano so you really want to call either a group of friends or a professional junk removal company to handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Can I Donate My Old Piano? 

If your piano is not broken beyond repair, then you may be able to donate it to a local charity. If your piano is in bad condition and not easy to repair, then your best option is going to be to hire a junk removal company to remove it for you. 

Donation options: 

  1. Nonprofits
  2. Salvation Army & Goodwill 
  3. Schools 
  4. Rec Centers
  5. Retirement Facilities 

Most of these companies will also be able to provide you with a tax deduction for your donation. 

Piano Recycling 

If you’re going green, you’ll be happy to know that many parts of your piano can be recycled. Your piano is made from wood, metal, etc. that can be broken down and recycled or reused. You can break down your piano yourself if you have some time or reach out to our team and we’ll handle the recycling part for you. Alternatively, you can also call the local recycling centers to see if they’ll take it off your hands and break it down for you. 

What Types Of Pianos Do You Take? 

We take all types of pianos including Grand, Baby Grand Pianos, Uprights, Organs, Console Pianos, Parlor Pianos, Toy Pianos, and Digital Pianos including keyboards. 

For fast and affordable piano removal and recycling, call: (209) 554-2077

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